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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm feeling orange today. Do you ever feel a color? Well, today I feel orange. Fall is in the air --the morning air is crisp and yesterday I noticed quite a few trees changing already. We could peak before the end of September. I'm not sure if I am ready to bid adieu to summer. Seems that it just passed to quick and I didn't do all the things I thought of back in June. It always happens that way but this year, for some reason, feels bittersweet.
I did a lot of traveling this summer. We started out with a trip to St. Ignace, MI --camping, Mackinac Island, etc., then June was a quiet month. Mike worked a lot so the boys and I stayed close to home. July was hectic...I drove to Marinette and spent a few days with the Gannons (LOVE YOU!) while Mikey and Eli went to the UPC WI District Junior Camp where Mikey received the Holy Ghost Monday, July 14th. Yah! I picked them up Friday afternoon and we headed to Green Bay to visit my mom. Just a quick stop before we packed up and followed her to Sturgeon Bay to stay at her friend's cabin right on the bay. That was such a beautiful weekend. We watched lightning as the storm passed the mouth of the bay, we kayaked and swam, ate good food and the kids all got sunburned (bad mom, I know), Mom lit fireworks on the beach on a windy night and we slept hard. We spent the next week at her house so that we could be in Marinette for a friend's wedding (CONGRATS! Aaron and Brandi). I zipped home for 10 days then headed back to WI to for Family Camp at Forest Jct with the Huberts. What an awesome time that was. I enjoyed working in the kitchen each morning but was sad to go bed early and miss all the fun with the young people--no volleyball for me this year. I got home on Saturday, Aug 9th, did a quick load of laundry and packed us back up so Mike and I could have a trip to ourselves. We farmed out the kids across MI and WI and we headed down to Illinois to see my lil sister, Kim. But first we took a detour into Green Bay for the 1st Green Bay Packer preseason game against the Bengals. It was a fun game to watch....my first. I so much enjoyed the time alone with Mike...I just wish we wouldn't have had to drive. We were so exhausted. As we pulled into our hotel in Schaumburg we spied the Woodfield Mall and spent the most of that afternoon shopping rather than taking a nap as we should have. That night Kim took us to see a minor league baseball game...the Flyers, I think. It was fun. Wednesday we took the Metra into Chicago from Roselle and went to Navy Pier. That was something I've always wanted to do and I am so glad I did! We took a architectural tour courtesy of Sea Dog that was breath-taking. I love the old and new buildings of Chicago. We were going to spend more time in the Windy City but we were so tired so we headed back to the burbs and ate at Maggiano's with desert at The Cheesecake Factory. Bon apetite! Yum-O! How ever you want to say it, we were satisfied!!! Thursday we had to head home but Kim first took us golfing (my 1st time) and we had a very enjoyable morning. THEN...we got turned around heading out of Elgin and I got a bit irritated at Mike but once we were past Milwaukee I was fine again....we spent that night at Jason's in Marinette and zipped on home so Mike could work Saturday morning. It took the next 2 weeks to recoup from the excitement of the last 5 weeks. Whew!
So...where was I? Oh, yes. Bittersweet. Now summer is passing on into fall and I look back and see that the only swimming the kids did was at Sturgeon Bay, the only camping we did was back in May, and I didn't see as much of my friends as I would have liked. I guess I should be satisfied and make the most of THIS day. So what am I doing writing this blog??? And what are you doing reading it??? Go do something memorable/constructive/worthwhile today!
Til next time....AU REVOIR!