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Friday, October 31, 2008

Swimming Pool?

So, have you wondered about the swimming pool in my picture? Heh,heh. Well, if you have let me tell you, it is not there anymore! I love this picture. It was a random shot. I was out with my camera for a whole week trying to get pictures of our fall colors, which, by the way, are LONG GONE! So one morning right after a rain shower I ran out while the sun was shining and snapped a few. This is one of the beauties! I love the way the clouds and trees turned out. But there is that ugly, eye-sore, swimming pool in the picture. The next week the side blew in during a wind storm that also stripped most of our trees. So, Mike took it down, used the metal to roof a new shed and put the rest in a heap to wait for Spring Clean-Up '09. Yah. (note the lack of enthusiasm) #1. I hate mounds of trash in our yard. It never fails, we get rid of one, another rises in it's place, usually bigger. Kind of like dandelions.
#2. That was supposed to be my lap pool. Of course, I'd let the kids use it but I wanted it to do laps. But after we put it up, bought a few new pieces and priced new liners, Mike tells me that the filter has a crack and he won't buy a new one. So that's that. But I am determined to have a pool next year. Deep enough to do something good for my butt, hips and waist! I may not be able to do laps but water aerobics/walking sounds fun!

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Kimberli said...

I love that picture too!