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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today I am taking a breather. I've been at Head Start all week (twice to volunteer and once to work) thus far and I'm ready for a break. The kids are so precious but even precious can wear on a person after 3 days!
I'm trying to get all my pictures organized....online and the boxes and boxes of photos that should have been put in albums years ago. I get frustrated with the internet though so I'm only about 10% through those pics. Isn't it funny that after only 11 1/2 years of parenting, I am already having problems telling who is who in the photos in our albums. I've given up on putting them in chronological order. Now the goal is just to put them all in there. I think I need some more picture pages though. I have to get it done before Thanksgiving...that is the deadline I've given myself. Not to mention Mike might have an issue with my craft table being up in the middle of the living room any longer than that. =)
Ok...now that I've brought up the whole holiday thing in mentioning Thanksgiving...lets talk about that awhile....
I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving...my little sister is planning a trip up here with her 2 cutie-pie daughters. I am so excited. This will be our first Thanksgiving at home in 13 years! The last time we cooked Thanksgiving dinner at home, we were living with my brother and his family (Tracy and Cinnamon) in my dad's old farm house. The turkey took way longer than we expected and dinner wasn't ready until REALLY late (so late that I'm embarrassed to say!). But it was delicious. Then we hopped in our car and went to Marquette to see Mike's parents. We got there sometime 'round midnight. Does that say anything? LOL So, this year I'm planning a delicious but simple affair. Maybe my mom and Jason's family will come too. I have a few new recipes I'd like to try out. Just a spin on the traditional. I'll let you know how that works out.
Next, Christmas.... Ugh. I don't even like to think about all Christmas entails in today's society. Basically, we don't know what my family is doing for Christmas... There was talks of skipping a get-together and gifts for a family vacation later in 2009. Mike's family is pretty simple. He has his parents and one sister's family to worry about. And they LOVE our goodie baskets. So that is what we will do for them this year. Simple and fun to do with lots of love put into it. The boys....I don't know. Mike plans on buying a four wheeler in the spring and that will be their combined gift. They will get their helmets on Christmas. I don't know how I feel about that....I'm not totally thrilled. But to tell the truth....I don't enjoy that part of Christmas. I hate shopping during this time and I don't want my kids to grow up thinking Christmas is only about the presents. I have a hard time with this holiday. I spend a lot of time with them, reading the account of Jesus birth in the Bible and story books I've accumulated over the years. Yet every year there's so much stress on what we're getting them for gifts. Yesterday, my MIL called and wanted ideas for the boys while she's in Green Bay. I couldn't come up with anything. There are always a few things the boys are interested in but they already have SO much! I look forward to sending out cards or a newsletter though. Hopefully, this year they will get out on time! I'm thinking I'll let the boys help me--it will be a nice project for the weekends that Mike works.
Ok....I think that's all for now. Until next time, GOD BLESS!

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