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Monday, March 2, 2009

The New Toy

This past Christmas we decided to get a big family gift instead of lots of little things for the boys.
So we saved up our pennies and found this beauty at Keweenaw Motor Sports. We got a sweet deal on it.
It's a 2004 Honda Rubicon with brand new tires and a 2500lb winch. We bought a county plow to throw on the front of it and Mike uses it to plow our driveway while the boys and I just cruise around the yard and up and down our road.
Come spring, we are hoping to take the boys out for jaunts through the woods.
Mike was shocked that I had never rode a 4wheeler before. He assumed that since I grew up out in the boondocks that I had my share of "wheelin'".
No sirree, Bob! Not me. Our family was too poor to have that kinda stuff.
Or something like that.
Maybe it just wasn't that important to have all the toys when I was growing up.
Yeah, a few of my neighbors had 3wheelers and would take them out in the dunes and it looked like lots of fun. Actually, I'd love to have had this baby back then. That would've been freakin' AWESOME. *ahem*
But somehow I don't think my brothers would've appreciated the "privilege" of an ATV. Walking down the frozen river and biking into town in the summer was adventure enough for their 'free-spirits'!

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Mrs. Darling said...

My kids have wanted one of those forever. Our neighbors all have them and my kids feel so left out! Poor things. :)