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Monday, April 27, 2009

Junior Prom

Do you remember your Junior Prom?

I do. But I'd rather not. It wasn't the highlight of my year, that is for certain.

For my Junior Prom, I went with the guy that I was currently dating, which wasn't Mike. I was excited since I originally hadn't planned to go. I bought my own dress which wasn't sparkly, slinky or long. It was a spaghetti strapped-lace covered-knee length thing that was really very pretty. I thought I looked rather nice. My date showed up and had a red rose wrist corsage for me. My dad dutifully took pictures that I have never seen. I wonder if they were ever developed. See, that was a long time ago. No digital cameras back then!

I was nervous but excited for the Grand March. We stopped at his sister's house to show off our fancy duds and then we'd be on our way. Well, lo and behold, his sister and her husband were watching WWF wrestling and he got sucked into that.

We NEVER made it to the Grand March. I was SO upset. But being Lil' Miss Nicety-Nice, I didn't say anything and we headed on over to the dance. Which, by the way, is the lamest part of the prom. Who agrees? I spent more time sitting and watching the juvenile antics of all the guys than I did dancing and when it was over, and I didn't win any of the door prizes, we headed out. And I asked to be brought home. I think that was the first time I was home BEFORE my curfew (I had always made it home BY curfew but that was definitely a first for me!).

My senior year, I was dating Mike and we decided to skip the prom (he'd already done the prom thing with his ex-wife) and do the Senior Dinner-Dance instead. Lame-O! Another bad choice.

ANYWAY!!!! I told you all that just to let you know that Mike's oldest son, Anthony, just went to his Junior Prom this past Saturday.

I feel old.

Mike and Michael went to Menominee to see him.

He escorted his girlfriend, Krystal.

They are a cute couple and both looked so nice in their formal attire.

Anthony was also a member of the prom court. Their theme was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

When the crowning took place, each court member received a chocolate bar and the girl and boy with the golden tickets were crowned Queen and King (decided upon by a prior vote).

Anthony did not get the ticket but Grandma was so proud of him anyway. Who wouldn't be proud to claim such a handsome young man as their own?

Do you have a good prom story to tell? Please share!


Kimberli said...

What a handsome guy! But, he needs to cut his hair. ;) (said like a true old woman, right?! Who does that whippersnapper think he is? Zac Efron?! lol!). Honestly, he looks very handsome and you all must be so proud of him!! Prom court, wow! His gf is cute too.
My junior prom was the year I went with Brad... a college boy who invited ME to MY prom. Why? Maybe he was sweet on me...maybe he just wanted to go to a high school dance...maybe he just thought he was doing a nice thing for a friend. Meanwhile, we doubled with HIS girlfriend Dez, and my EX, Chris. Fun fun fun. Actually, it WAS fun. :) The pictures are the best part. Brad has his arms around me, like a DATE should... and chris and Dez are barely touching. Dez hated those pics. Hahahahahahaha...

bigSIS said...

I think that is the best prom story, Kim!
I think his gf looks like a fuller version of Paris Hilton. Maybe I didn't put the best example on here but she does in some of the pictures. LOL