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Friday, May 1, 2009

UP Ladies Retreat 2009

I know, I know. I'm already a month behind in my blogging. And I promise, I will get to those things. Soon.

But, while I'm thinking about it, I want to tell you about the Ladies Retreat I recently attended.

Every year, our Section puts on our own Ladies Retreat because the District Ladies Retreat is a 10+ hour drive for us here in the Upper Peninsula. We have had the privilege of hearing some high-caliber women speak at our retreats.

LaJoyce Martin and Sherry Langson (my pastor's wife)

This year we were honored to welcome LaJoyce Martin as our speaker. If you have never heard her speak, you are missing some good stuff. She is very comical and has lots of wisdom. And she also has one of the most astonishing and romantic stories about how she and her "Hunk" got hooked up.

LaJoyce Martin is also a writer-a prolific writer. I was able to purchase two of her new books (Women's Secrets, Crooked Halos and Clay Feet) this time, plus 2 CD's of Bible stories (The Tattletale Trees, Let's Go to the Fires- both w/Granny Mullins). I will post reviews of all four as soon as I get through them.
This year Sis. Martin spoke on "Satan's Lullaby" (the 5 verses that put the church to sleep), "The Times of the Signs" (we still need holiness - the sign of God's people), and "The Masked Blessing" (what seems like a hard trial is really a blessing in disguise). It was ALL good.

I really appreciated "The Masked Blessing" as I'm going through a hard time right now with my niece in my home and I came to realize that it may be her being here that opens a door for my brother to come back to God.

"Satan's Lullaby" was a real wake up call. (oxymoron, eh?) We can easily be lulled into spiritual slumber by things like inactivity, comfort and shutting our eyes to things that should not be. I've gone back to this lesson over and over in the past weeks to encourage myself to stay awake in this day and time when it may be easier to just roll over and shut it all out.

All the pastors' wives present with Sis. LaJoyce Martin

Ladies Retreat is always an awesome time. I always feel so much pressure getting ready for it and fear that once I get there I'll be too tired to enjoy it all. But I really shouldn't worry. Once I got there I was able to sit down, relax and have a great time.

Marcia Gannon and Me

My Mother-in-the-Lord, Marcia Gannon, from my hometown was able to be here again this year and we were able to catch up on all the family and church news.

We also get two really awesome meals on Friday during the retreat. Our ladies provide the food, potluck-style. This year I brought a relish tray and cake balls - 1/2 were chocolate and 1/2 were strawberry. Everyone that got one was so very impressed. I really enjoyed making these.

Cake balls (thank you Bakerella and Pioneer Woman)

Pastor Bryan Langston (Marquette) baptizes {L} in the wonderful name of Jesus!

{L} was baptized on Saturday after the retreat.

I'd have to say that was the perfect ending to a perfect retreat!

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Blue Castle said...

That's so exciting that you had one lady baptized! God is so good. :)