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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twice In One Week--Mark It On The Calendar!

Happy May everyone! Bright and early (7am) this morning, stepped out on our porch to allow Zoey some "privacy" and saw sun through the mist in the trees. It was so beautiful and peaceful and I thought "that would make a good picture". Then I thought, "Oh, duh, go get YOUR camera!"

To tell you the truth, I still don't really understand the thing. I don't ever have enough uninterrupted time to really get to know how to use each capability. So I just play. Please feel free to give me pointers.

I played with this picture on Picasa. First I flooded it with light. Then I sharpened it to the max and add 2 shades of gradient color to the sky to contrast with the trees...otherwise they get kind of lost. I like really stark pictures so this is my favorite. A bit eerie but the blue adds a dimension of reality. Funny how something fake can make your photo look real.

I wanted to get something that was the most like what I was seeing with the naked eye. And though this is darker than it actually was--a bit more dusk than dawn looking--I think it's better than the one just before it that is TOO light. The sunlight in it is warmer and more invigorating...but the mist in the trees in this last one really shows up nice.

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