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Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn Leaf Sun Catchers

Busy, being artistic!
The kids at the Lighthouse Academy enjoyed making their Autumn Leaf suncatchers this past week. They all worked so hard and the suncatchers are beautiful.

Sandile and Annalynn working quietly

Each child had a piece of clear contact paper on which they arranged the pieces of precut tissue
paper. When all the sticky spots were covered, they used watered down glue to "decoupage" the tissue paper.

I try to come up with projects that will interest the broad age range in our class. The older kids seemed to enjoy making the suncatchers as much as the little ones.

I showed the kids an example of my own. I used black construction paper to create a leaf-shaped "frame". The frame is glued down over the tissue paper and cut around when dry.

Malachi and Carol

Each child could make any kind of "frame" they wanted. So we have some Autumn Hearts and an Autumn Flower.

Taryn and Leslie did an awesome job filling up all the sticky spots!
When they were all finished, we punched holes and strung ribbon through them to hang in the window.

Mimi hard at work
I didn't get any pictures of the finished projects but IF I actually remember to bring my camera next week I will take a picture of the suncatchers they have hung up at their home.
Next project: Foamies Shape Pictures

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