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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mouse Tales

Hey everyone! I haven't forgotten about you. This has just been a very, very, very busy week. It has left me run down, cold and exhausted. Tonight I feel really icky. I don't even know how to explain it. Just icky.

But...I have a great story to tell. This happened Sunday night. I wanted to post it first thing Monday morning but I'm trying to get my priorities straightened out now before I go adding bigger responsibilities like school into the picture. Plus the boys had a 2 hour delay so there was no blogging for me.

Sunday night I was all tucked in, ready to doze off and Mike went out to the kitchen for a glass of Crystal Light. All of a sudden he calls me to come see something.

Oh, I did not want to get out of that bed. I asked him if it could wait and he was adamant that I come out there right then and see it. So, being the ever obedient wife *cough*, I did.

I heard scratching coming from under the kitchen cupboard where we keep the paper garbage.

I'm no dummy and I knew immediately what it meant...a MOUSE! Oiy!

So I instructed my husband, in a very terse, no-nonsense, manner to get it out of the house. So he grabs the bag, rolls the top of it and shakes it like there's no tomorrow.

Now, not to brag on myself or anything, but I am THE Mouse Warrior in this household. I take it very personally when a mouse intrudes on my domain. I once clobbered a mouse with a chunk of 2X4. Another time I took out a rude mouse staring at me in the bathroom with a package of Scott Toilet Tissue. Then there was the time I trapped a mouse behind the microwave with sticky traps on either side and used a fly swatter to herd him into one of them.

Anyway, I tell Mike to flatten the mostly-empty bag and lay it on the floor. I'm gonna do Mickey in with the broom this time. No fooling around.

Instead, Mike puts the AIR-TIGHT, rolled, paper bag on the floor and proceeds to........


It burst. You knew that was coming right?

Well, it's after 11pm and the kids are sleeping but that didn't stop me from letting out a blood-curdling scream as the big, fat mouse flew out of that hole, propelled by the force of the trapped air, into the middle of the kitchen floor. At that point there was no getting at him without also smacking Mike, but maybe I should've done it anyway. He definitely deserved it after that huge, yes, HUGE, mouse ran off into the dark corners of the house.

I had nightmares of mice. Reepicheep mean anything to you?


Kimberli said...

You should have taken the chance of hitting Mike with the broom! lol...

MyKidsMom said...

My oh my. I too would have swiped at the mouse, hubby and all,lol.

We have little field mice that occasionally invade my domain. The thing I hate the most about them is the way they have of suddenly running out and startling me. If they'd only be discreet about it..:)

bigSIS said...

I get mad if I find so much as one mouse dropping. This is MY house. They need to go find their own! ;)