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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chunkster Challenge

I did it again. I entered yet another challenge. See, I just know I can do it. If I'm gonna read books, and you know I am, I might as well challenge myself. So I joined the Chunkster Challenge. I already have my first chunky book too! I started Don Quixote back in October and just couldn't get into it so I guess I'll give Cervantes another go. As far as a second book, the title remains to be known. I'll have to do some scouting in my local library. Any way, here's the guidelines if you should want to get on board for this challenge.

*The Chubby Chunkster - this option is for the reader who has a large tome or two to read, but really doesn't want to commit to more than that. 2 books is all you need to finish this challenge.

*Don Quixote - Cervantes
* Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy


Kimberli said...

My go-to would be Gone With The Wind. I should do a challenge... I've already read 3 of the 4 books Russ bought me for Christmas, plus that Grisham book you loaned me!

Lori said...

Hmmmm. I did Atlas Shrugged once.

And I just finished The Hour I First Believed.

I'll have to check the guidelines to see if either would count.

Cool that you took on the challenge!

(And thanks for visiting AllThumbs. Hope you can buy shoes soon.)

MyKidsMom said...

Wow, you are quite the reader.