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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Eli!


I can not believe it's been 10 years since Eli was laid in my arms and I fell in love with his eyes and his headful of hair and shortly thereafter, his cheeky smile.

Alas, time moves swiftly on and we have no recourse but to chronicle the years in pictures and words that may or may not make sense to us or them years from now.

Anyway. We had fun last night.

Trick candles. I took him awhile and there was lots of smoke.

Eli proclaimed his fishing pole from {G} his favorite gift.

PS> Eli is a year older than his friends. Don't tell him I told you. He's short. Very.

Eli has actually begged to go to WalMart since {M} got him a gift card.
Eli hates WalMart!
Eli thanks {M} for his new snowball maker. He is already planning his sweet revenge on his brother, Michael.

How many boys does it take to fly a plane?

The boys try to figure this out and can't get the plane to fly. Dad tries to do it and gashes his hand in the process. Then Mom says "Are there directions?" Ahhh! The red thing goes on the front of the 'gun' and it works wonderfully. Gee, directions are pretty handy.
Happy 10th Birthday, Eli!


MyKidsMom said...


Kimberli said...

Happy Birthday Eli!!!

Not very nice of you to point out Eli's definite height disadvantage in those pics... why not just post a pic of Riley towering over him?! ;)

Missy said...

Happy Birthday Eli! I miss you guys so much! Nice to see a pic of M too. His mother never sends me pics;)