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Friday, January 30, 2009

We are Getting a Puppy!

This is #3 for me today. Posts that is, not puppies. I'm playing catch-up. And if my bladder and my frozen toesies can hold out I may add 2 more. Bonus! It's your lucky day!

Anyway. We have picked out a puppy from a litter born this past Saturday. We had asked for one out of Smidget's last litter but family had first dibs. That was okay. I would not have wanted to train a dog through this winter. Oiy!

3/4 Chihauhau, 1/4 poodle...she is tiny!
Here she is!

We haven't named her yet. Here are the names that we've come up with or others have suggested: Daisy, Hailey, Chi-chi, Chili, Bovine, Heifer, Precious. My idea was Daisy and Mike's was Hailey. We automatically threw out the Chi-chi and Chili (typical names for chihauhaus but we don't like typical and the coloring is all wrong for those names). The "cow" names came up because Mike didn't like my suggestion of Daisy. He said it sounded too much like a cow and we should just name her Heifer and I suggested Bovine. Or maybe we should go with Bovinia...feminize it! No?

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