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Thursday, December 11, 2008

High School Christmas Concert

One of my most favorite things to do this time of year is to go to the local school concert(s). Last week I went to our district's band and choir concert. It was so-so. The band is small and the kids did a fine job. The choir was excellent. It is made up of 7 or 8 girls that did a fantastic job of singing all the traditional Christmas songs...no Rudolph or Jolly Old St. Nicholas. You know, O Holy Night and the like, the ones that require some real talent. They did it and I was so very pleased to be there to hear it.

Last night was the High School Band Concert for my sons' school. In past years they have had the elementary and high school bands play on the same night with the elementary choral concert during the day. This year, because of all the changes, they had the high school play last night and the elementary band and choral concerts will be during the day on Friday. So, really I wouldn't have bothered doing an extra trip to school in this blasted weather but for one reason....

Michael debuted with the high school band last night. What's that all about? He's not in high school. He is only in 6th grade but he was invited to practice with the high school band this year to challenge him and keep him interested. But it was with the understanding that he would not be performing with them. That all changed 2 weeks ago when the director, Mr. G., called and asked Michael to perform with them on the last number, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

When we arrived he went off to get his instrument and we found front row seats with a clear view of his chair. He came in and sat with the band. I was surprised as Mr. G. had said he'd be called up for the last number. Well, that song finally came and Mr. G. started off by explaining how Michael had been practicing with them and had asked to sit with the band for the whole concert. How cool! Mike, not being able to come, asked if it was odd to see him sitting there not playing all that time. Not at all. It seemed right somehow.

I really want to put the video up here for your enjoyment but I've had nothing but problems all day with this computer. So check back later. I may get it up here yet.

The whole band, all 24 members, worked really hard and had lots of fun and pulled off a great show! The other thing is they played the most difficult arrangement of Greensleeves and did a spectacular job! The students pick the music they want to play for the most part and this group has never shied away from challenges. I'm so proud to be a parent of a CHS band member!

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Kimberli said...

That's really cool that Mikey got to play with the high school band! Awesome!!