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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snow, snow and more snow!

I was thinking earlier today that I probably should have put a counter up on my site for how many days it snows around here. I think we had about 3 days last week that it didn't snow and I actually thought it would all be gone before Kim and the girls could play in it over Thanksgiving weekend.

Well, I needn't worry about a green Christmas anyway. It snowed all day today and yesterday and the day before and...well, you get the drift. Haha. That was punny! Maybe not. =I

So today I almost got stuck at the sportsmen's club after Riley got off the bus. The state has cut back hours for the plow truck drivers so they are only doing what's absolutely necessary. Which means main highways, not parking lots. And not little back roads, even if the principal of the local school IS my neighbor.

Tonight Mikey and I drove into Baraga for the Baraga Schools Christmas Concert. It was slow going as the visibility was pretty near nil and the roads are SLICK! On the way home it was blowing pretty bad and very COLD. Brrrrr. Glad I don't have to bring the kids to the bus tomorrow. Thank you, Lord, for a husband that goes to school! Although--- Mike is hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I think, if we get one, I will have to bug out of here for a few. I just need the quiet....I really don't need for the kids to have a 3-day weekend. Eh. I love 'em but Oh. My. Goodness. They have not been getting along lately. Not. At. All.

So anyway. We have lots of snow. Too much snow. And here's a warning to you all....Don't you dare complain about your snow til you've shoveled mine! hoohoohoo!! I will be whining and waiting for spring right bout mid-February. Just wait and see!

Night all!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. For about three minutes I would admire the beauty, and then I would say, "Get me out of here!" I think God knew I would need to live in the south! We get a little bit of snow here, but not much. Of course, we don't have the equipment to handle the snow, so we often get out of school for less than an inch!

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