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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nasty Things! Blech!

I volunteered to make some cookies for the CTS cookie sale going on Saturday the 13th. The other day I made 9 dozen Chocolate-Cranberry-Walnut-Oat cookies. They were scrumptious!

Today I decided to make another new recipe. Lemonade Cookies. First off, I thought the batter was pretty good. I love lemonade and tart things so it hit the spot for me. But as I was putting the second pan of cookies into the oven I noticed the first pan was already burning and they still had almost 8 minutes to go. So I took them out and turned the temp down a bit. Also, the cookies did the not spread the way I pictured they would. So I used a glass dipped in sugar to flatten them. Not so bad. They were coming out better. But then I tasted them.

Let's just say they are not a favorite. I took the rest of the dough, pressed it in a pan and made bars. I just couldn't put that much time into a cookie that I didn't like.

So after dinner is all cleaned up tonight I'm gonna make another 9 dozen of my DDWO cookies.

PS. Don't dbl or triple a recipe you've never tried before. What a waste! Ugh.

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