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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Bus Stop

What a gorgeous day it has turned out to be. Last night we had rain and lightning and this morning we had a bit of fog but it's dissapating and the temperature is rising. I'm not delusional though...I see that snow is in our forecast for the weekend. Bummer.

Once it gets colder the chats at the bus stop won't be as comfortable. The past two days, four of us mothers have let the kids run the loop around the vehicles as we stood out and waited for the bus. It's nostalgic of how things used to be. And how things still are in small farming communities.

Yesterday's topic of conversation was lice and presidents. LOL Today we talked about antsy kids and frustrating family members. Yesterday afternoon I chatted with one mom about our eldest sons. They are 2 peas in pod. Now I don't feel so alone with my difficult child. She has one too!

I'm almost thinking that after the weather cools off and the snow flies so that we can't stand out in the weather I'll just invite them over for coffee right after the kids get on the bus. It's funny, we all live so close together, we could actually car pool but I think we all look forward to seeing and talking to one another.

*shrugs* Well, that was the highlight of my morning. On the agenda for this afternoon? Parent-teacher conferences. I'm sure I'll have plenty to vent after that! =)

Have a good day everyone. Love ya all!


Lori said...

Your community sounds wonderful. Reading this made me smile.

Hope there's only good news at the conferences!

Thanks for visiting All THumbs, bigSIS.

Missy said...

Makes me miss "home" all the more! I am so glad you are blogging now! I get to see and hear about you so much more.