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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's On Your Nightstand?

Today I stopped by our local St. Vincent DePaul to drop off a bag of cook books. I don't go there very often but occasionally I'll browse through the shelves of books. Lately I've been on an Agatha Christie kick so I was excited to come across two-TWO!-right off the bat. I also grabbed another book that looked interesting (I'm trying to go beyond mere entertainment). When I checked out I was delighted to find that the books were all $.10! Woo hoo. Not that they were much anyway, but a discount's a discount! Yup. So, I got them home, brought them to my nightstand and forgot about them til I came across this topic tonight. I went to grab my stack and lo, and behold....these are the books I have:

Curtain-Agatha Christie (hard cover, 1975 edition)
Curtain- Agatha Christie (soft cover, 1976 edition)

I was so excited I didn't even check the titles! Hohohoheeheehee. Mayhap it was just that I'm so thoroughly exhausted. Hmmm? Maybe.

I also have these on the nightstand:

More Than a Carpenter-Josh McDowell
Crusader Hymns and Hymn Stories-The Billy Graham Team

I love the stories behind the hymns we sing at church so I snapped this one up. I'm hoping it will be something I can share with the kids since they have heard a few of these true stories through Adventures in Odyssey and have shown a lot of interest in them.

I'm suffering though. I have these great books at my fingertips and I can't read them. Yet. I have too much to do before my family shows up tomorrow and Thursday, expecting a 5-star Thanksgiving Dinner. I am so thankful those books will still be here when they have had their fill of food and family and head home.

Happy reading!


Casey said...

Too many books not enough time for reading is how I am always feeling. (sigh) I hope you enjoy your books.

LuAnn said...

Whenever I buy books at the library book sale, I always seem to purchase at least one book I already have.

Missy said...

I read all the Agatha Christie in my early 20's. I really like her writing but always had thought they were old lady books as my mother had read them when I was growing up! LOL Isn't it funny what kids think?!?!

Missy said...

Hey, I almost forgot...here is a blog from Sister Sarah, she goes to the church in South Dakota we went to. You will like it!

Joy said...

Welcome to the Anything Agatha Challenge! There's not much time remaining, but I'm glad you joined us anyway. (I read almost all short stories.) I hope you enjoy all your choices and don't forget to come back and link them. You can find that Mister Linky by clicking on the Anything Agatha button on the first post of my blog. Happy Reading!

MyKidsMom said...

The last time I found a book for 10 cents was longer than I'm willing to admit I've been alive, lol. Meaning a really long time;)

I LOVE Agatha Christie books!!!
She was the best mystery writer ever. I read through the collection every couple years; hubby doesn't understand how I can do that, but they are just so good. Poirot is my favorite, and Curtain was just the perfect ending... except I wish she'd written more:)

Which reminds me, over the holiday I watched "murder ahoy" with Margaret Rutherford(?). She made a bit of a different Miss Marple, but I love the humor.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!