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Monday, November 3, 2008

This OId House

Today I am determined to get somewhere in the upkeep of this old house. When we bought it, I was strictly against living in a trailer. Mike didn't mind because he had once lived in a very tiny one in the outskirts of Menominee. The only positive thing about this one was that it has a very large addition on the backside. So plenty of room for growing boys. The price was right and it came with a nice chunk of land. We bought it. Nine months later, our exceptional addition was exceptionally wet! The previous owner had no idea how to build an addition obviously. So after much work and more work, 3 roofs and 8 years later, we still can't use the addition for anything more than storage. Last spring we still had leaking around the doors. Hopefully, that was fixed when they put up the flashing that the contractor FORGOT! So...now I'm on my way down there to clean up. It's not pretty and it's cold but I'm determined to have it decent before snow flies. I figure I have a couple hours! =) LOL

Wish me luck and send in spelunkers if you don't hear from me in 24!

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