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Saturday, November 8, 2008

How not to spend 1 1/2 hours....

Next time I want to waste a perfectly good evening, remind me that I do NOT need photos of my children from Walmart photographers! lol First of all, I bribed the boys to cooperate, "Smile and cooperate and you can each have your own 20 oz pop." See, I took their holiday photos last year and I was close to committing myself to the psych ward at MGH before I was half done. So I was really hoping they would do better with a stranger--with the encouragement of decent school photos for once. Well, nope. It didn't go any better. Try getting 4 boys to sit up straight, look where they are directed and smile without looking deranged at the same time. If you can do it, I will scrub your bathrooms for a month! You may say "oh, that's a cinch!" Now let me throw in a half-wit photographer (using the term loosely) that hasn't the slightest clue of a good composition for a photo. She had the boys sitting so scattered that Mikey and Samuel seem to be the background instead of the subjects! At least she had good taste! When she showed us the pictures, she choose our favorites for her portfolio.

I was actually surprised by the time we were done. After the disaster of the group photos I figured we'd go out of there with the basic $5 pkg and nothing more but we fell in love with their individual shots.

The one thing I can say is my boys are darlings. I can't wait to show them off. Be on the look out in 2 weeks.

Until then.....Blog On!

PS. Auntie Kim we look forward to our photo shoot with you!


Kimberli said...

Why didn't you just wait for me to come and shoot them??

bigSIS said...

LOL When I first read the comment in my emails I busted out laughing. Anyone that read that without knowing we're talking photography would certainly wonder.