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Friday, November 21, 2008

Why I'm Up So Stinkin' Late

Ever start a project that you just wish would finish itself?

I have, and I have again.

This painting of my kitchen and the boys' bathroom has officially become noisome to me. I want to be finished by Sunday, as in, not having to paint AT ALL on Sunday. But, unless my kids become totally self-sufficient overnight, this is not going to happen.

Last night, Mike begged me to treat them all out to pizza so we wouldn't have to eat at our overloaded table. Today I just shoved it all aside and made room for the kids...they had grilled cheese and fruit for dinner, hot cocoa and GoldFish pretzel crackers for a bedtime snack. It worked...but it's getting old. For them and for me.

So, I'm half done with the kitchen. Unfortunately, I have finished the EASY half. The rest of it, I have to move the fridge and stove, and all my junque on the counters and above the cupboards to even get to the walls to paint.

The good news is that I am falling in love with the color....I think.

I'll let you know for sure when it is ALL done.

Of course I've thrown in extra projects, like the bookcase to keep me busy in the meantime. Right now I have 4 paint pans going: primer, summer rye (k), rice paper (br), and foam (bc and door).

Fun, fun, fun.

Disclaimer: My kitchen doesn't always look this cluttered. Really! Just sometimes. =)

My goal before I head off to slumber land? The last coat in the bathroom (all but the cabinet doors will be done! woo hoo!). Better get to it..... Night y'all!


MyKidsMom said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of work. I have to admit that when I paint (which thankfully isn't very often), I become obsessed with getting it done. I could be sick with the flu, but if it's in the middle of a paint job, I've just got to finish.

You're a brave one to move all the appliances. I'd probably just fill in the spot later; especially if I didn't plan to move any time soon;)

Was the foam, rice, ect. the names of the paint colors? I quess they could be a texture thing... Good luck on completing your mission by Sunday!

Kimberli said...

Well, you HAVE to have it done by Thursday, otherwise you don't know when mom & Jason will be back up to see it. ;)

and btw, our table always looks like that and we still eat on it. As long as nothing important gets soup sloshed onto it, we're ok. ;)

bigSIS said...

Yes, those were the names of the colors, mykidsmom. You know, I'm liking the idea of just going around the appliances more and more. *sigh* It's been a long day! So much more to do. The kids did not become self-sufficient over night. Darn!