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Sunday, November 2, 2008

THAT picture.....

My previous blog has a picture of Mikey on the shoulders of our friend Tim, who is on the shoulders of our friend Erik. Bryan is gallantly spotting them for any mishaps. Well, they actually had a mishap! I'm not sure if it started on the bottom, middle or top...but someone lost balance and in their quest for the perfect balance, Tim and Mikey fell from Erik's shoulders. Now, Erik is not a small man by any means. He is big and he is TALL. And Tim's got some height on him as well. To put it into perspective, Bryan is 6'4". Mikey is WAY up there. I just watched horrified as they headed for the ground...it seemed to happen in slow motion. And as Tim hit the dirt and Mikey's face was just inches from the ground, Bryan dove under him (this is what they tell me as I had covered my face by that point) and saved him from kissing the dirt. Everyone told me I could look, that he was okay. So as I looked for myself and saw that my baby was indeed in one piece without any disfigurements to his lovely visage, I broke into great sobs of pent up horrification! It took me a few minutes to regain my composure. Erik, Bryan and Tim felt horrible that it scared me so badly but I did not blame them for it at all. I allowed Mikey to get up there...I was party to the fun! So, although Mikey was fine, Tim did suffer a wrenched back from rolling off Erik's shoulders with a 100 lb brick on his shoulders as he hit the ground. All for the sake of my baby's safety. Awwww. So he bought a stick. That's another story for another time!

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