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Monday, November 3, 2008

Election '09

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. I was going to do my usual and hit the polls early but this year I've decided that the boys should go with me to cast my vote. First of all, they are very informed and interested in what's happening. Not just the election...Mikey has been following all the gas/oil news for over a year and usually knows before I do what the price/barrel is. I don't remember being that informed as a child. I remember the race between Bush Sr. and Dukakis (?). But I didn't really pay much attention until the day of the election and watching the votes come in on national TV. The boys have been voting in their classes and today it was McCain-100/Obama-86, with 300 more students to cast votes tomorrow. Also, whoever wins the presidency tomorrow will be making decisions that will directly affect the lives of my boys. Why shouldn't they have a part in this momentous day? I have some friends and aquaintances that don't vote for whatever reason but when I went to vote for the first time at the age of 24 I became a voter for life. You may think we don't have a say in who becomes president. But don't we have a say in our local, regional and state governments? And when we become informed about the individuals running we are empowering ourselves. One of America's leading problems is that we as a people have become complacent--accepting any and everything that happens. Change is NOT always a good thing. Please stand up for your beliefs tomorrow......

Get out there and vote!

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