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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Snow is Inevitable

The snow has found us again this year. Hope as we might that the snow won't come, it always does. The kids were so excited. They kept telling me it was snowing. If it stopped for a moment one of them would ask if it was going to snow anymore. Then when it did start again, they'd get excited all over again. Who needs Christmas? Just dump some snow in my yard and that takes care of my boy's wants and wishes....for all of 1 week or so anyway. It won't be long and they'll be longing for the spring thaw as much as I do if not more so. I have to admit there is a certain hush and beauty to the snow that I do enjoy. I'd have taken more pictures but I was NOT wading through that wet stuff any more than I had to at this point. I'll tote the camera with me tomorrow when I do the bus runs and give you all some of our UP "eye candy".

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