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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Wintry Tour

This morning, just as I was going out the door to catch the Head Start bus with Riley, it started to snow these huge, beautiful snow flakes.

So I grabbed my camera and on the way back home I took a bit of a detour from my usual route and decided to take you all on a picture tour of my Upper Peninsula community.

These are just a few things my eye caught as I was driving. Sorry, no cows along this route! But lots of hay. I love the round hay bales! Especially in the fall with the long shadows behind them, golden fields surrounding them and a dark, stormy sky with the sun just peaking through to kiss them with a golden warmth. I could go on and on about hay bales.

This hay bale was begging to get it's picture taken.
There is a peaceful loneliness that a snowy day conveys. The snow closes you off from the outside world and all can seem right in the world for a brief moment.

Long, hilly roads (they aren't really winding) connect neighbors that are otherwise separated by vast tracts of forest and field.

If you like the simplicity a red barn conveys, there are many to be had up here. In every state of repair and disrepair.

Never boring, the UP is abound with hills, creating a scenic horizon that, today, was just a hint in the snowy sky.

This little house is a favorite of mine. Of all the run-down shacks that you find up here, the symmetry of this one really speaks to me. So much care put into the building of it, but now it stands empty, only awaiting the ravages of time.

I would love to look in there and see how it was designed. I would love to copy the outside structure, but with my family I'd have to add an addition out back...but in a way to save the symmetry.

These enchanting roads that take my thoughts on flights of fancy can quickly become hazardous during our winter storms. With hardly a landmark to guide you in a dark, snowy storm it would be easy to lose the road and have to trek to the nearest (term used loosely) farm to get help--our cell service is quite spotty out here.

These little out-buildings always grab my attention. One property I passed today had at least 6 out-buildings of various sizes. I wonder what they are all for and if they are all still used. Mike often laughs at me because I rant about the run down shacks out here. Why don't the owners rip them up or burn them down. Our fire department could always use a good practice burn.

Yes, it's a fence post. I like fence posts. And barbed wire. As long as I'm not tripping over it!

This tree is a bit scary.

But I like it.

Here, if I go straight, I will not have enough gas to get the kids after school. So, I'm turning right and heading home. But another day I will take you farther down this road.

What's over that hill? I know what's over this particular hill. But this is the question that keeps me going some days--just wandering the back roads. Ooooh! Just remembered a back road I did that on and I'm definitely gonna take you down that one! Either before the snow gets too deep or next spring. I should've gone while the leaves were still changing. It is a glorious drive!

SEE! It pays to go over that next hill. You never know what you're gonna find.

That's home, peaking through the trees.

The sun decided to make an appearance later in the afternoon. I like how all glowy this picture is. I like this spot in my yard too. Those trees are nice.

I hope you enjoyed our little driving-picture tour.

Ok, I gotta go paint! Have a blessed day. =)


Missy said...

LOVE IT!!! Makes me homesick though :(

MyKidsMom said...

I just love these pics, I truly do. I have a lump in my stomach now (not sure why it's not in my throat;) because they make me miss the Midwest. I've never quite gotten used to not having much snow here in Oregon. And I miss the endless fields.

Kimberli said...

The last one is awesome!!!!!!

But, as a photographer, I have 3 pieces of advice (take it or leave it)...

1) Never cut your picture in half with the horizon. Bump it up, or bump it down.

2) Try the rule of thirds. Divide your picture in 3 and place your subject in one of the outer 3rds.

3) Download Google Picasa software and use it to edit. Your snow pics are always so dark (just on here?), but you could easily lighten them up just enough to make them brighter.

Looks like you had fun!

bigSIS said...

hahaha. I did get that horizon line right smack in the middle, didn't I? Pretty good for pictures on the fly! =8O