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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two Topics Today

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

#1. The election. Well, Obama is in. I did NOT vote for Obama. BUT. I am a proud American that will support my elected president. I do not like the attitude I've seen, heard and read from the Republicans. The fact that they boo'ed Obama's name while McCain gave his speech last night was mortifying. While Obama spoke of McCain there was not a shout or interruption and that is as it should be. Weren't they both running a race that technically had the same goal? So, now, rather than fight amongst ourselves, we need to work together. I'm not saying that I agree with Obama's policies or even that I like the man himself (although I don't have an opinion on his character as of yet). I can disagree and still support my country.
I stayed up late watching the results come in on my laptop. Even after Obama had won at 11pm, I was still curious about those states that had not submitted their decisions yet. The problem is that the key states were won for Obama before the election even took place. McCain did not stand a chance. I'm proud of him for trying. And I hope that in 2012 we have a strong campaign, with a dynamic leader, that will win the election. But until then, we shall see what we shall see. The other thing I was disappointed in was that MI voters passed the proposals for stem cell research on embryos and medically used marijuana. There were many tears shed on my pillow last night.

#2. Have any of you been following the posts for the Compassion, International trip to the Dominican Republic? Please do if you have the time! Very moving, heartbreaking, inspiring and thought-provoking stuff there.

Alright. I think that will do for now. I'm still tired after my vigil last night and I am on the more emotional side today. Love to all!

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MyKidsMom said...

I love the leaf border, makes me feel all warm and cozy:)

It's too bad the people in the crowd reacted that way. I thought McCain was very gracious. I suppose feelings ran very deep disappointment-wise, but it doesn't look very good to the other side.

I am also hopelessly confident of checks and balances. True, democrats hold the majority in both the House and Senate. But I don't think anythings going to be steam-rolled through. And life will go on. Maybe not quite how we planned, but it will.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I'm a bit tired from last night myself:)